Why Join the Inverness Advanced Motorcyclists?

The Inverness Advanced Motorcyclists are a separate section within the Inverness Group, organised to provide a facility for motorcyclists to improve their standard of riding and machine control to IAM standards, and to provide the opportunity for motorcyclists to socialise. Initial membership is as an ‘Associate Member’. (The only pre-requisite to joining is a full motorcycle licence.) ‘Full Member’ status is attained when you pass the IAM test, the main aim of the Group, and every assistance and encouragement will be offered to enable you to achieve this.

The “Advanced Riding” programme from the IAM costs £149 plus a further £10 payable directly to the Observer, for each observed ride. The programme includes a copy of the Advanced Rider Course Logbook, one year’s associate membership of IAM, (full Member status after successful completion of the test), and the IAM advanced motorcycling test.

An Observed Run covers about 45 miles or 1 hour 30 minutes, plus debriefing, depending on the nature of the selected route, traffic conditions and stops for comments and suggestions. You will be followed by your Observer on his own motorcycle and, as all Observers give their time freely and provide their own motorcycles to accompany you on the runs, the Inverness Group have agreed the above fee to defray the Observer’s expenses.

When your Observer considers you have reached the test standard a further “Check run” will be arranged with one of the Senior Observers within the Group who will then highlight any areas of weakness or inform the Group Secretary to inform IAM RoadSmart, that you are Test Ready.  The number of Observed Runs needed to achieve the required standard will vary from person to person but whatever it takes the end result is well worth the effort.

Your questions answered...
What’s the total cost? £149 plus £10 for each observed ride.
When can I enroll? Anytime
I work shifts This is not a problem.  You will be allocated to an observer who will be available.
Does the group organise runs? Yes, one Sunday and one mid-week Wednesday evening run per month (April – October)(Weather permitting)
Who conducts the test? The examiner will be a Police Class 1 motorcyclist (a serving or retired Police Officer with his own motorcycle)
I have passed the test - what next? Consider becoming an Observer and passing on the new skills you have acquired to other motorcyclists (further training for this is provided)

For more information on the Motorcycle Section, contact Derek Donald

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