Observed Runs

As soon as an Observer is allocated, Associates will be taken out in their own vehicle for 5 observed runs/rides, free of charge, each of one and a half hours approximate duration, normally once a week. These will be over various routes through town and country, including single-track roads and dual carriageways. During the runs, manoeuvres such as reversing round corners, turning in the road, and parallel parking, will be carried out. The purpose of the observed runs/rides is to allow the Associate to develop the practical skills needed to become an advanced driver/rider. Any queries or relevant points will be discussed during stops on the route, and you will be given a progress report on your driving/riding at the end of each run/ride.

Between observed runs/rides, the Associate must carry out in-car/on-bike practice - a minimum of 2 hours practice per week is recommended.  Associates will be required to bring their log book for each of their runs/rides.

When the runs/rides have been completed the Observer will arrange with the Observed Runs Organiser for an assessment to be carried out by a Senior Observer who will decide whether the Associate is ready to apply for the test.

If the Associate is considered ready for the test, IAM RoadSmart in Welwyn Garden City are then notified, and the Associate will then be contacted by an examiner to arrange a suitable date. Further observed runs/rides may be taken until the test date.

The test is carried out over a period of approximately one and a half hours. There is no fixed route, but it will be conducted over routes similar to the ones used in the observed runs/rides. During the car test, giving commentary is encouraged but is not mandatory, but by doing so the Associate gives the examiner a better indication as to what he or she is seeing and what action he or she may be thinking of taking. The result will be given at the end of the test. If the Associate is successful, he or she will be recommended to become a member of the IAM RoadSmart. If the Associate is not successful, he or she will be able to apply to sit the test again, at the cost of £35. On successful completion of the test, a certificate will be issued.

The examiners are serving or retired police officers who hold the Advanced Police Driving Certificate, Class 1 or Class 2.

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