Inverness IAM

Course Dates & Venue

We are happy to accept enrolment applications at any time during the year. When you make contact with us we will discuss with you whether you wish to start straight away (subject to Observer availability) or whether you would like to take advantage of our meetings (as mentioned below) before you start your runs.

The Inverness Group runs a series of 4 mini-lecture style meetings twice a year, in Spring and Autumn, during which we give an introduction to the IAM and to the principles of Advanced Driving or Advanced Motorcycling. We find these meetings are very useful in allowing you to meet Observers and committee members in an informal setting, sharing queries and information, and can reduce the time spent in-car before Observed runs.  But they are supplementary to the in-car runs and the course can equally be done without attending the meetings.

Our next set of lecture meetings will commence with an Information Evening on Tuesday 3 March 2020 at Millburn Academy, Diriebught Road, Inverness to which all are invited. The evening will last from 7.30pm to 9pm. This Information Evening will include an introduction to advanced driving and riding - what does 'advanced driving' (or 'advanced riding') mean, exactly? -  and some background information on IAM RoadSmart and on our Group here in Inverness. It will include an outline of our course and, if you decide to join us, what you can expect from us, and what we will expect from you.

The following meetings will therefore be on 10th, 17th and 24th March.

The meetings include various aspects of advanced driving and riding, discussion of local road peculiarities (such as the Inshes roundabout!), light hearted Highway Code quizzes, and an introduction to HGVs and motorcycles (for those of us not already familiar with them). One of our members tries to bring his HGV along to our second meeting to allow you to get hands-on in the cab!

We have had many complimentary comments over the years from Members saying how much they have enjoyed these evening meetings.

Course Venue: Millburn Academy, Diriebught Road, Inverness.

For further info on course or to sign up for it, please fill out the enquiry form.