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Welcome to the Inverness Group of Advanced Motorists


Coronavirus (COVID-19) update:

Many of the restrictions due to Covid-19 have now been relaxed. Inverness IAM is now resuming observed rides for motorcyles and observed runs for car drivers.

Tests will also be resumed, subject to availability of examiners.

The last update from the Scottish Government regarding constraints for driving instruction and tests was on August 11th 2021 and details can be found here -

The IAM will continue to follow the guidelines which may be in force at any time.

Currently it looks as though wearing a mask inside a car while being observed is still a requirement. Other precautions, such as ensuring the ventilation is adequate and

cleaning inside the vehicle may still be recommended, as well as minimising the time spent inside the vehicle. Note that the regulations may change at short notice.

Contact details: email - Alison Ogilvy at

We will continue to reach out to our membership, old and new, through our newsletter. If you are a new member and you would like to go on our mailing list, please email Alison Ogilvy at the address above

We apologise for any inconvenience, and will respond to any enquiries as soon as possible.


About Inverness IAM

Founded in 1975 the Inverness Group of Advanced Motorists is one of over 210 groups across the country. We are the leading Advanced driver/biker training charity covering a wide area around Inverness. We are committed to raise driver/rider driving standards. We are affiliated to IAM Roadsmart, the leading authority of driver/motorcyclist advanced training in UK.

The Inverness group is dedicated to promoting driver/biker advanced skills through our training programmes. We achieve this by having highly trained Local and National Observers who are passionate in promoting advanced skills covering both car drivers and motorcyclists.

New members join as Associates and are given guidance in order to improve their driving skills. Members may then take a practical test assessed by highly experienced drivers leading to full IAM membership.

We are run entirely by volunteers who have been trained to the standard set by the IAM Roadsmart organisation. Observers will guide associates through theory and practical driving runs on the road until the required standard is achieved and they are ready to take the test.