Enrolment Procedure and Costs...

An IAM “Skill for Life” Enrolment Form for enrolment can be obtained from the Membership Secretary by telephone or group email or at the Information Evening (see 'Course Dates & Venue').  Enrolment will take place the following week - the first night of the course.

The cost of enrolment for the initial twelve-month period, including the test fee, is currently £149 for car and £209 for motorcycle (the extra cost for bikers is due to a contribution towards the Observer's running costs). When you initially enrol you become an ‘Associate' of the IAM, but on passing the test you become a full Member of the IAM. On enrolling you also become a member of the Inverness Group and are provided with copies of 'How to be a Better Driver' or 'How to be a Better Rider', The Highway Code and the Course Handbook.

Group Membership

There is a group membership fee payable on the second January after passing the test. In return for this, the member will receive a newsletter three or four times a year keeping him or her up to date with what is going on in the group, articles on driving and any changes of road layouts. Members are welcome to attend all group meetings.

Membership Fees - Gift Aid

As the Group is a registered charity it is able to use the Gift Aid scheme to reclaim tax on membership payments. Anyone paying income tax will be invited to join the Gift Aid scheme and by so doing the Inverness Group will benefit by recovering the tax element of the membership fee.