Course Dates & Venue

Courses are run in the Spring and Autumn.


Autumn 2019 Course

Our next course is due to take place in the Autumn 2019. The course will commence with an Information Evening on Tuesday date to be arranged. This Information Evening will include an introduction to advanced driving and riding - what does 'advanced driving' (or 'advanced riding') mean, exactly? -  and some background information on IAM RoadSmart and on our Group here in Inverness. It will include an outline of our course and, if you decide to join us, what you can expect from us, and what we will expect from you.

The venue for this course will be Millburn Academy, Diriebught Road, Inverness. The timing will be 7.30pm to approx 9.30pm, with a short tea break half way through. We hope that you will find the Information Evening on date to be arranged, interesting and informative and that you will come back to our Enrolment Evening the following week on date to be arranged, when the course proper will begin. After this meeting new members will be matched up with their ‘mentors’, who are known in IAM RoadSmart as ‘Observers.

The third evening meeting will be on Tuesday date to be arranged.  The final two evening meetings will therefore be on Tuesday dates to be arranged.

Apart from these evening  meetings, the course is conducted by in-car (or on-bike) runs with your Observer. After you have had five runs you will be taken out for an assessment by one of our Senior Observers, who will determine whether you need additional observed runs/rides or whether your test should be applied for. The test normally takes place around two to four weeks after the application is lodged.

The cost of the Course is £149 which provides Associate Membership of IAM RoadSmart, the course books, the test fee and the first year’s membership of the IAM RoadSmart. Please note that for motorcyclists a further £60 is payable to assist the Observer with his or her bike running costs, plus a further £10 payable directly to the Observer, for each additional observed ride over 6 rides.

As well as becoming a much safer driver or rider, the benefits of our Advanced Driving and Riding Course can include reduced insurance, reduced tyre and brake wear, and improved fuel efficiency. We are confident that you will therefore find that the Course represents very good value for money.




Course Venue: Millburn Academy, Diriebught Road, Inverness.


For further info on course or to sign up for it, please fill out the enquiry form.

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